Isaac¡¯s Birth: A Promise Fulfilled

                                     Genesis 21:1-7



        Abraham ¡°is the father of all who believe¡± Rom 4:11

        God promised to bless Abraham with land and many descendents

        Focus on promise of descendents (Gen 21:1-7)


I.  The Problem & Promise

        Gen 15:1-6

        Abram was rich, but childless

        How are we like Abram?


II. The Human Solution

        Gen 16:1-6, 15-16

        A reasonable solution that brought many problems

        Similar solutions to our problems


III. The Divine Solution

        Gen 17:15-22, 18:9-15, 21:6

        God¡¯s sense of humor

        Where God brings laughter today



  1. We need faith to take us from problem to promise (Gen 15:6)
  2. We need discernment to know God¡¯s will
  3. We need patience to wait on God¡¯s timing (Gen 21:2)