Learning from a scoundrel



Passage:  Luke 16:1-13 讀經: 路加福音16:1-13


1)   Main character in this parable is a bad person—only time a bad person is the subject of a parable!

      這個比喻中的主要的人物是一個不義的人 - 這是唯一的比喻以不義的人為主角!


a.     Many characters in WOG not very nice—too many moral stories 


b.    All the characters should focus us on what God is doing.  Not moral—but how God is working.


c.     This bad man detaches us from moral reductionism



2)   One of the recurrent dangers in spirituality is fuzziness



3)   The Crooked manager did what saved him.

      詭詐的管家 替自己解危


4)   This parable confronts us with presence of God as a judge who will audit our books.

       這比喻激勵我們面對神 像是面對一位檢驗我們的工作冊的官


5)   We are to pursue Godliness as passionately as we pursue success in work, sports or school.

      當我們努力追求世界上的一切成就時 也當全心追求神聖潔的一切事