The Last Enemy to Be Destroyed



Bible Verse: 1Cor 15:20-28; 55-57

I. The one thing in life that you can be absolutely certain of, is that someday you will die.

II. Philosophers say that death is a natural part of life.  We should accept it. Death is our friend.   The Bible says the opposite.  Death is not a friend.  It is an enemy.

III. In the beginning, death was not God's will for us (Romans 5:12).
     Death is an enemy, but it is a defeated enemy (Hebrews 2:14-15).

Death is still the final fact of our life on earth. We will have to die. But the sting of the enemy is gone.
The sting of death is sin, and our sin has been forever forgiven

IV. Death is now not a door through which we will go out of life, but a door through we will enter real life. The Bible says if you know God's truth about death, you can know how to live.



經文:林前十五:20-28; 55-57

壹.  在生命中有一件事是絕對會發生的,就是人會死。


貳.  哲學家說死亡是自然的,我們應當接受,它是我們的朋友。聖經說的是相反,死是仇敵。


參.  起初,死不是神對我們的心意 (羅五:12)

死是仇敵,但它是已被打敗的仇敵 (來二:14-15)




肆.  現在經過死亡的門不是失去生命,而是進入真實生命。聖經說如果你們知道死的真理,就知道如何活。