"The Hiding Place" (藏身之处)


1. We are more and more aware the world is a dangerous place.  We are not safe anywhere.
2. Psalm 27:1-6.  God gives us a hiding place so safe, when we are inside, we can sing loudly and even shout.
3. Genmesis 3:8.  The word "hide" appears many other places in the Bible.  Sinners naturally want to hide from God. 
4. Psalm 139:1-12.  There is no place we can hide from God 
5. Psalm 32:1-7.  We cannot hide from God.  We can only hide in him. 
6. John 1:18.  In order for us to have this hiding place, someone had to come out of his hiding place.  He had to lose all his safety and protection, and let all the evil and sin of the world be concentrated upon himself.  
7. Colossians 1:26-27.  Now God has gone back into hiding.  He is hidden in you. 
8. Colossians 3:3.  He is hidden in you, but you are also hidden in him.  This is a great mystery. 
9. Matthew 6:6.  You can quietly slip into this hiding place any time, any place day or night, 24 hours a day, and be completely protected, renewed, and empowered.  This is your daily prayer life.


  1. 我們都知道這世界是個危險的地方, 找不到安全之處
  2. 詩篇27:1-6.  神給我們一個藏身之处, 在裡面時, 我們可以大聲歌唱甚至呼喊
  3. 3:8, 躲避一字在聖經中出現多次罪人天性想要躲避神
  4. 詩篇139:1-12  無一處我們可躲避神
  5. 詩篇32:1-7   我們無法躲避神,  我們只能藏在祂裡面
  6. 1:18  為了給我們一個藏身之处, 有人必須從祂的藏身之处出來, 祂必須失去祂的安全和保護, 讓世界的邪惡和罪集中在祂身上
  7. 西1:26-27 現在神又藏起來了, 祂藏在你裡面
  8. 西3:3祂藏在你裡面, 你也藏在祂裡面, 這是極大的奧秘
  9. 6:6 你可以在任何時候安靜的進入祂裡面, 隨時隨地一天24小時受到完全的保護, 更新, 重新得力. 這就是你每天的禱告生活