Behold, I am Coming Soon

                    看哪 我必快來


1. The Lord said “I am coming quickly” (Rev 3:11, 22:7, 12, 20)

 2. His coming is more than a doctrine about the future; its about a  

    heart attitude.  (Matt. 28:8  “fear and great joy”)

3 The illustrations of His parousia (the coming/presence of the

   Lord.) and the church’s preparation for it.  e.g. The lesson the fig   

   tree, the days of Noah, the thief in the night.

4. In Revelation 22, there is warning and there is encouragement. 

   v. 7  words, prophecy, book.  Blessing if you keep all three.

   v. 12  The Lord’s reward and every man’s wages.

   v. 16, 20  The Lord’s testimony is sure.  He is the beginning and

       the ending.  The Root and the Fruit.  The Morning Star and the

       Sun of Righteousness.   The King and the Priest.  The Coming

       One and the Preparing One.

 5.  Grace for each and every one.  Even so, Come!  (v. 21, v. 17)




1. 主在啟示錄中多次提到我必快來』 (3:11, 22:7, 12, 20)

2. 主的再來不只是關於將來的教義; 而是心態  ( 28:8)

3  Parousia (主來/同在)和教會準備的例子: 無花果的樹,挪亞的日

    , 夜間的賊的教訓

4. 啟示錄22中的警告和鼓勵

   v. 7  , 預言, 如果三樣遵守必蒙福.

   v. 12  主的賞賜和每個人的工資.

   v. 16, 20  主的見證是真實的祂是始, 祂是終. 祂是根, 祂是果.       

       祂是晨星, 祂是公義的太陽..   祂是君王, 祂是祭司祂是要來

       的那一位, 祂是預備的那一位.

5. 願主耶穌的恩惠常與眾聖徒同在快來(v. 21, v. 17)