“Birthing a Ministry”

                               1 Samuel 1:1-28



-        Elkanah – means “God has obtained”

-        Hannah – means “favored”

-        Peninnah – Hebrew name sounds like another Hebrew word meaning “pearl”


  1. Preparation process

1.       v.5 The Lord had closed her womb – child is the social security of society; embarrassment

2.       v.6 provoking her in order to irritate her – Hebrew word means violently agitated

3.       v.7 wept, not eating, downhearted

4.       v.8 Elkanah – Don't I mean more to you . . . ie. Doesn't understand what God is doing

5.       v.10 bitterness of soul – wept much – prayed to the Lord

1.       when you don't know what to do – pray!

2.       when you don't understand what's happening – pray!

3.       otherwise, you simply become bitter

6.       All these steps brings Hannah to a place of desperation


  1. Giving the desire over to the Lord

1.       v.11 a vow to the Lord that lets it go

2.       Hannah wanted a child – God wanted a prophet

3.       (find out what God's purpose is for your life)


  1. Persevering through misunderstanding  v.12-16

1.       already misunderstood by those closest to her (husband)

2.       now misunderstood by those who are closest to God

3.       judgment by outward appearance


  1. Finding peace and rest  v. 17-18

1.       many people have given up by this point

2.       preparation for the next step


  1. Ministry conceived and birthed out of intimacy  v. 19-20

1.       ministry birthed in an environment of love

2.       love keeps the ministry going

3.       love propels the ministry

4.       when counseling workers in the vineyard – listen for the love

1.       some workers rejected, offended, disappointed, burnt out, wounded by flaming arrow of enemy

2.       NY School of Urban Ministry 25th anniversary


  1. Intensive care in the infancy stages  v. 19-20

1.       do whatever it takes mentality


  1. Let go and let God  v. 27-28

1.       Godly institutions started out right, but failed to keep the principles upon which it was founded

2.       believe that God is able to mature the ministry for the purposes He had in mind

3.       leadership by the Spirit vs. leadership by the intellect

-        applicable for ministry within the church building – or outside the four walls

-        Advertising catchline: “What's in your wallet?”  - I ask, “What's in your heart for ministry?”