It Is I, Do Not Be Afraid  (Matt.14:22-33)


 1. From Jesus' surprising behavior here, we get a picture of what God is like:

2.Sometimes we feel like our life-experience is like the disciples in the boat

3. They need most of all faith.  But how could they get it?

4. When Jesus came and spoke, everything changed.

5. The Bible creates faith in us. But we need to know how to read it.

6. But sometime even after we have faith, we do stupid things, why?

7.Here is the surprise- he never becomes too small, too weak or disappeared

8. He will reach out and hold us up.  We need only to cry, “Lord!”,   

    "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."



            是我, 不要怕    (14:22-33)


. 從耶穌的奇特行為,我們對神的認識是:


. 有時我們的生活經歷和船上的門徒一樣。

. 門徒需要信心,但他們如何能得到信心?


. 當耶穌來和說話, 所有的事改變了。

. 讀聖經使我們信心,但我們需要知道如何讀神的話。

. 即使我們有了信心,我們仍做愚昧事,為什麼?


. 令人驚訝的是耶穌未曾變小,未曾變軟弱,未曾消失。

. 祂願伸出手來擁抱我們,只要我們呼求”主啊”