Don't pitch your tent near Sodom



[ 12:1-4, 13:1-12]

1. 亞伯蘭從吾珥遷到哈蘭, 直等到他父親過世後, 才再繼續行程, 並且帶羅得同行

2. 亞伯蘭在埃及帶著祝福離開的, 羅得同樣帶著祝福離開


3. 羅得在埃及看到的, 進入他的心中, 使得他支搭帳篷靠近所多瑪, 最後所多瑪進


[Gen 12: 1-4, 13: 1-12]

1.  Abram moved from Ur to Haran and had to wait for his father to die before the

    journey continued. Took Lot with him.


2.  Abrams time in Egypt came out with blessings as well as Lot

3.  What Lot saw in Egypt got into him and caused him to pitch his tent near Sodom and

    sooner or later Sodom got into his tent